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New Contributor
New Contributor

Poor internet connectivity

Hi team, 


could please address the issue on poor internet connectivity recently in my suburb. 


I was working from home whole day on last Monday 26/11. During 1:15-1:45pm, the internet connection was totally broken down and I even couldn’t make a phone call at home using my mobile phone in which my phone is with Optus with my home internet. 


While this few days, wifi was not working probably and sometimes even off. 


I pay the fees to have internet services from Optus however I didn’t get what I pay for. 


Whats the points to keep using Optus on my home internet and mobile phone services. 


Keep get the team to follow up the issues and keep me updated. 



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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Poor internet connectivity

Thanks for reaching out @PhoebeY


Where are you located? Have you checked our Network Status page for any outage or maitenance notices?


It’s drop outs that you’re mainly concerned with, are speeds an issue for you at all?

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