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Poor connection concord And customer service

We have  poor connection to optus cable in our home in concord for over a couple of months now. To a point where we are unable to stream YouTube on just the one device.


I decided to waste my time and call optus to find a resolution. After 40 minutes of waiting and multiple internal transfers to numerous incorrect departments, I finally was connected to the right department. 


The customer service representative said that our area has had poor connection and optus are working on it and had nothing to do with our hardware. In the meantime just to not use the internet during peak hours. 


I was annoyed given that we are only home during week nights (peak hours) and connection was poor to a point where we are unable to even steam one YouTube clip. 


I asked the cs rep for a copy of my transcript including their comments to be sent to my email for me to make a formal complaint. He said he doesn't have access to  email, which I replied that I have the right to have what they say to me on record be made available. 


I asked to speak to his manager, which he put me on hold for another 10 minutes which he returned and said he'll send it to me. 


I made him wait for the email to come through before hanging up for ten minutes, it never came and he said he wanted to go and assured me that he has sent it .


I asked for his employee number, which was declined and not given. 


Never received my email, service still poor beyond belief and I do not particularly enjoy being lied to by an employee of a major corporation. 


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New Contributor

Poor connection concord And even worse customer service

Agree, have spent 6+hr on i-net and phone and am still unable to find out what my services are currently.


Internet was way faster at least 10 tmes, 30 yrs ago!  I have phone + i-net + tv but have not allowed NBN due to nightmares in this area and the fact that I am extremely sensitive to wireless and will not install NBN until wireless can be disabled!


Customer service is shocking, today they arranged a MyAccount, which took 2+ hrs (not ountung another 2+ hrs on phone yesterday), but when I tried to find out what my current TV was, I was promised to be transferred so someone directly.  I received a message saying they do not work after 7pm and was.hung up on and told to call in their hours of operation!