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Poor broadband

Hi, has anyone been experiencing slow internet speeds over the past 4 weeks? Our broadband is so slow we can't connect two devices and use at the same time.  I've done a speed check and it came back with 0.80 MBPS and 0.10 MB/s. I've also called optus and the tech support rep said to turn the box on and off every couple of days. He said this should  resolve the internet issues!! It hasn't worked at all. Has anyone any suggestions. Lastly, we're not far from the exchange ( I heard this can have a impact ) 

Thanks in advance 


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Re: Poor broadband

Hey Donncha, which network is this referring to? (ADSL, NBN, HFC etc)


Troubleshooting varies depending on the network, but you can find full guides here → Troubleshooting Index.


I'm assuming these are the tests they ran through when you last called up? If issues persists, please get back in touch via Live Chat or 131344 so we can further investigate and raise with Case Management if required.

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