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New Contributor Peeyush
New Contributor

Poor Service and Pathetic Call center

I recently signup for Optus Broadband and i think its one of my biggest mistake. It takes two weeks to just activate the service, and even after that my service is still not activated. First modem was not delivered on time and once it was delivered next day, the service is not up. 


called the call center and had to wait hours before get someone to answer and then they ping pong between their staff each of them requesting my details. 


I dont know in which world optus guys are working. Any way to avoid this much hassle, My interent was not up when i needed it the most, i stayed at home to get the modem and wasted so many hours. This is the most pathetic service i have ever seen.

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New Contributor Chris111
New Contributor

Re: Poor Service and Pathetic Call center

It doesn't get much better once you finally do connect. We had a $300+ setup fee including the first month, and we've only had a few days of adequate service.


1) First modem was faulty, had to wait 4 days to get a new one.

2) PPPoE fails on our BYO, non-optus modem. Works fine with other ISPs.

3) We've had packet-loss of up to 80% for the past week, making anything aside from extremely light browsing impossible. Pages frequently half load, or don't load at all.

4) Our speed dropped from 15Mbps down to 5Mbps for a few days.

5) Any attempt at help gets us bounced from call to call, often being auto-kicked out of the call queue after 2 hours.

6) Online chat is useless for ADSL.

7) Member services refuses to work on our account at all.


Planning on switching providers ASAP, can't recommend Optus at all; I dealt with horrible service from BigAir and even they were better than this.

New Contributor MorrisOxford
New Contributor

Re: Poor Service and Pathetic Call center

All I can do is sympathise. They are undoubtedly the poorest of providers I have ever dealt with, but they don’t care to hear it. Best we can do is spread the word. 

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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: Poor Service and Pathetic Call center

Sorry to hear about the experience you had with us there @Peeyush, appreciate that it's been a frustrating runaround for you to get connected. Can you send through a private message with the full name, account/phone number and DOB attached to the service so we can follow up and take a look? 

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New Contributor CJGraham
New Contributor

Re: Poor Service and Pathetic Call center

@Peeyush I would like to know what outcome you get, I have had several conversations with Optus through different methods, and never had a follow up. 
Currently asked for someone from Optus to call me, the Live Chat said it would happen, confirmed my number....still waiting. 

Please advise. 

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