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Poor Cable service Frenchs Forest - Frustrated

Hi All, 


Having extremely poor connection speeds with our Optus Cable in Frenchs Forest.

Interested if anyone else is.


On a Cable plan and paying for "up to 100Mbps"

I'm averaging about 10 or 20 if I'm lucky. Tonight as I'm writing this the speedtest shows 15Mbps download.


For the last 3 weeks or so we have been on and off with Optus support who keep closing off the incidents saying problem fixed. We had someone come out on Saturday who check a few things locally at my place, phoned head office and got them to check a neighbour's connection (on a different pole) and was advised there was a network fault. Was advised that my incident would be added as a child case to the main problem.

Monday I'm advised by SMS that my incident has been fixed.

I rang support again as condition has not changed, technician came out Thursday (today) who replaced a couple of connectors on the main line from street and also "tweaked" a connection on the street. Seemed to improve slightly. Then peak time and we're down to 4Mbps download.


Ring support again who say there is nothing they can do for us but send another technician out when it suits them not us - we requested to speak to the manager who would "call us within 2 hours" and has failed to call us back.


Very frustrated as the unlike the service we receive, the bill always arrives on time without fail.


We're also nearing the end of our contract and so considering what our options are...

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Re: Poor Cable service Frenchs Forest - Frustrated

We had a very similar situation that lasted for over 6 months last year, where we had download speeds as low as 0.42Mbps.


It took numerous technicians (who replaced all sorts of cables and connectors, modems over and over) and endless hours on the phone to support to still not resolve the issue. We were given a measly $20 per month discount to 'compensate' us for the 'inconvenience' of having an unusable internet connection & TV service (as it would not work at all based on the lack of speed). This compensation lasted for 6 months, and just nearing the end of the 'compensation', they finally fixed some of the issues in our area. Apparently it was an overloaded exchange.


Well, it's 12 months since our initial problems, and it appears to be getting slower again. Non peak periods (10pm) we are getting around 8Mbps download speed. This is not acceptable from what is supposed to be a premium service. Once our contract is up, we will also be looking elsewhere. Having the EPL is great, but not when the service is poor.


Seriously Optus, start looking atfter your customers.

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Re: Poor Cable service Frenchs Forest - Frustrated

We are in the same boat and the same things happening for the past 2 years. Regularly 3 nights a week, we lose either full cable or Internet altogether or, like tonight, the band speed seems like it is being throttled back to 1.89Mbps. I have run line tests and the jitter speed is fine. 


I am concerned that with the push to NBN, that there may be some internal directives being issued to deliberately throttle back the speeds to make people move over to the "slower" NBN connection. 


We have complained many times and they always say they are going to fix. But it is happening with more regularity now, especially on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights after 8:30pm. This is happening too regularly to be a random problem.


To get on here I am using my hotspot connection on my Mobile phone so that I can do my work tonight.


Not impressed OPTUS



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