Please convince why stay with Optus NBN when it is available in my area at year's end (2017)


I've been an Optus Cable customer for many years and haven't had any complaints.   


I'm now researching NBN plans from various providers, including Optus.   From my two days of research I've discovered that as an Optus customer I have no choice in the modem, it's the Sagemcom F@ST 3864AC Home Gateway.   On researching this model it appears that the WiFi is not up to scratch though the specs indicate it's AC speeds (3 channels or bands if I read the specs correctly).   I believe it's not possible to put the modem into Bridge mode and therefore utilise a router of choice.   I've read elsewhere that before connecting the unit to the internet, to enter the admin software, change the password, then connect the unit to the internet.  Apparently, on first connection Optus update the firmware, the consequence being that certain admin features are disabled.   The password change is a bit of a hack to prevent the disabling of the certain admin features.   


If what I've mentioned above is incorrect, please advise.   


Checking another provider, prices are similar for given speed ranges and you have the option of providing your own modem/router.   It seems like the other provider doesn't care what modem/router you have.


It seems like when the time comes for me to switch to NBN, I'm in the box seat.









Re: Please convince why stay with Optus NBN when it is available in my area at year's end (2017)


No response from Optus yet, not sure if they read these forum posts.   


Well, I've bookmarked many other providers websites relating to NAB Plans and will be ready to pounce when the time comes later this year.   The pricing for the super fast services 100/40 all seem to be similar; around the $100 p.m. mark.   I'm a massive EPL fan, and I'm wondering if this will sway me to stay with Optus. 


I still reckon that we are screwed with the modem/router that Optus dictate we must use.   Let's face it, Optus would have put out to tender and got the cheapest available and then pass it on to their customers.   In fairness to Optus, every other provider that supplies a modem/router does the same, but most others at least allow you to bring your modem/router.

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