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New Contributor

Phone/internet line down.

the cable that connects my internet and phone Line to my home has been ripped down from a truck driving along the road, I’ve called to report it but haven’t received a reply or a answer to when it’ll be fixed I have no dial tone, it’s not an issue on my half. I’ve contacted Optus twice and no response within the given time. 

.ill be without both wifi and a phone for who knows how long. Who can I contact that’ll actually understand my problem and the urgency. Will I be compensated as I’m paying for a service I can’t use, WHO CAN HELP ME I NEED THESE SERVICES FOR MY JOB!!!!!

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Phone/internet line down.

A fault ticket should have been lodged when you called so if you don't have a reference number, call again.


As for compensation, given you've notified Optus and they are unable to provide the service at the moment you're within your rights to request your plan fee's be credited back. 


In addition to this, you'll be eligible for the customer service guarantee (CSG) given your phone line is out. More info is available here but essentially, the longer Optus take to fix the fault the more money you'll receive. 

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