Re: Peak hour speeds


In conclusion, I'm going to stay with optus and see if there's any improvement in the next couple of months.

I won't be able to continue my flexible work arrangement so that's more late nights for me.


HFC NBN will be in my area in next year but I doubt that would alleviate the congestion issue.


I'm going to post my peak hour connection speeds seldomly over the next couple of months. 


If anyone else suffering from the same issue finds a solution please let me know.

Re: Peak hour speeds

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Don't forget Winnie that Optus has stopped all investments in HFC cable over 18 months ago as it was sold to nbn. Nbn of course found out after taking control the Optus HFC cable (Telstra HFC cable is good and upgradable by nbn) was not in any state to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1 which will deliver more capacity and speeds , so nbn has written off $800 million in taxpayers money.


Optus cannot fixed the HFC cable congestion as they no longer own it. Furthermore nbn won't do it either as they are planning to cut it off once nbn is ready in your area. Pure economics.


Optus is progressively cuting off their HFC cable and switching you to nbn FTTN (fibre to the node - or green cabinet on the street good luck on old copper) or if your lucky FTTC which will give you the 100 Mbps speeds and is also future proof (years from now 100 Mbps with all the new smart home services will be seen as dial up was 5 years ago). 


In the meantine you have to wait until next year when nbn comes to your area and hope nbn hasn't decided to install FTTN with 70 years old copper.  Alternatively you can buy an new Optus mobile phone which currently comes with 100 GB of data per month and use it tethered as WiFi for all your work projects. I am doing this charge my company instead of the home broadband service and receiving 70 Mbps to 170 Mbps  at anytime. 


Anyway thank the Liberal government for not deploying FTTC instead of FTTN in order to save $300 per household which I would of gladly paid as a long term investment it wil last 20 years +++(given most people pay over $800 ++ for an iPhone or Samsung to throw it away two years later??).


When our street and most the suburb asked nbn not to cut Optus HFC cable and we were all willing to pay the difference for future proof FTTC (not the expensive FTTH), Optus did not want to lobby or support the surburb and nbn said go back to Optus as they don't deal directly with customers only service providers and in any case only allow you to pay for FTTH after paying $600 application fee designed to stop customer requests and in any case FTTH is over kill for most homes as FTTC is more than enough and is easily and cheaply upgradable in the future.  Nbn is a political disaster and none of the service providers are lobbying the government stop FTTN deployments because the service providers are receiving money from nbn to switch off over as quick as possible. 

Re: Peak hour speeds


Thanks for the insight about the optus HFC and mobile data, I might consider doing this as well. 

In regards to DOCSIS 3.1, I was hoping it would be a turning point for congestion in the area but from your comment about the inadequate HFC infrastructure I guess this won't be a solution.


I also think it is disgusting the way the NBN has been politicalasied to further the liberal party's agenda. I have recently read that they are seeking to impose a tax on non-NBN users as they are 'stealing from the government'. In another case a tradie built his own FTTC and will most likely be fined for something similar. 


I'm not looking forward to the NBN rollout as it will just be countless phone calls to Optus and NBN just for them to play operator tennis with me. At this rate I'm better off reinstalling my 56K modem, sign up with AOL and use Netscape. 






Re: Peak hour speeds


After taking a holiday overseas during the new year break and a couple of weeks of usable (5-10Mbps) internet the congestion issue is back and more fience than before.



I manged to complete the Ozspeedtest after the fifth refresh. Again this was recorded with one device connected to the modem via ethernet.


I have also discovered that the NBN upgrade will stop two houses from mine.

Please upgrade the node in our area.





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