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Parental controls


Hello Shauna,


I'm asking how i go about controling wifi times.  Is there a way i can select the days and times I switch on the wifi authomatically?



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I believe your modem should have some parental controls. You need to log in to see what the menu options are:


From your PC type your modem address into the browser (


You can manually turn wifi on and off there.


Note on some modems you can also have two separate wifi bands - So you can set one with a always on password for yourself and one with a timed arrangement with a password to give the kids.


You might also look at some of the commercial options like Family Zone which give easier, better controls and helpdesk support.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Parental controls


Which modems allow 2 x wifi bands?  The Parental controls on my modem are not working because my teenagers can simply use the normal wifi password to access the Parental controls. I have a Sagemcom F@ST3864V3OP


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Most have 2 wifi bands (with seperate passwords etc.) However one is slow/goes far the other is fast/less distance. So they're used for different equipment and not necessarily parental control. 


You could buy just about any decent modem and use it instead of the sagecom. Or if you want to keep the sagecom plugged in (for phone etc.) just plug a new router into the sagecom and activate only the wifi on that unit (which should then have parental controls etc .) 


What is your connection ? NBN? FTTP? ADSL?


A simple solution might be to grab something like the Google Wifi. One would probably do but you can just plug in more around the house if you want to expand. Like many systems they have controls of access by device. So for my kids their phones / laptops etc. only get access from 8am and it goes at 9pm. You can flick access on at  a touch of the google app if you want (or off for that matter) and can even control it while you're out and about. 


Peter Gillespie

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