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How do I activate Optus Internet Security to filter web content?

Re: Parental control DNS gateways


Hey @1965 - it's not something we support unfortunately but there are quite a few options out there these days.

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Re: Parental control DNS gateways


You can't. If Optus allowed that, someone might ring up and ask why they can't access Facebook, having forgotten that the other parent blocked that site. That would cost Optus money. Therefore any sort of security that comes with a modem or router firmware is specifically disabled by Optus in order to save money at the expense of your children.
But hey, good news. Optus say you are welcome to buy your own modem.


Re: Parental control DNS gateways


I’ve read all the way down this thread and contacted Optus support whose advice was to turn the modem off ! 

My friend has parental control with Telstra for free so I assumed it was à standard offering for parents. Apparently not !!!

So basically if you have teenager kids and you want parental control you need to switch providers. Smiley Sad super annoying but it’s that or have kids online at all hours of the night.

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