Packet loss issues occurring over the past month. (As high as 50%!)

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For a little over a month I've been experiencing some pretty darn bad packet loss on my network. 

It pretty consistently sits around 5% or so, which is not good at all. I've recorded it as high as 50%. 


Here's a tracert to one of Google's public DNS' ..tracert.png


.. As well as a ping to, which is the next hop from my modem. 

Looks like the connecton issues begin here.  



I'm sitting on 7% packet loss at the moment.


Modem and cables are pretty new and shouldn't have any issues, however I acknowledge they could be the problem. Just want to know which side the issue is on before dropping money on new equipment.


Any help? Could someone be sent out to check for line faults ect?


edit: Pinging the default gateway (my modem) results in no packet loss. 

Re: Packet loss issues occurring over the past month. (As high as 50%!)


Hey Datboi, have you raised a fault with our tech team on 131344 or live chat here? They'll be able to run line tests and arrange a tech if required.


Do you notice tat this happens mostly in the evenings and weekends? Or at all hours of the day? Definitely nothing else using the internet downloading/uploading when this is happening?

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