Re: PS4 Can't connect to network!


I seem to be having a similar issue. I can connect to the PSN, But I cannot connect to any friends to play with online. It's been happening for just over a week now. Would someone mind checking my area? BEECHMONT / BINNA BURRA, QLD 4211.

Re: PS4 Can't connect to network!


I have the same issue on Cable delivered Internet in Victoria (3046) and naturally everyone keeps pointing fingers at everyone else: the reason I think it’s Optus is that my wireless broadband from the other big provider works.

Re: PS4 Can't connect to network!


Hi there, it's not clear if you have spoken to Optus about this issue?

Are you able to try another modem?

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please Chat with us or Message Us from your My Optus App under the Help menu for further assistance.

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Re: PS4 Can't connect to network!


HI optus


Got a problem similar to other in POSTCODE 4006


Internet working, however we r encounter the following issue


- Playsation connecting to WIFI, but cant play onlien feautre

- Whatsapp connecting to WIFI, but take longer then usual to send out and receive msg


Please msg back





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