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Occasional Contributor ChipMolly
Occasional Contributor

POP or IMAP email setup for optusnet emails on iOS

Hi everyone


Over the years I've used one then the other. Not sure which is the correct one. The IMAP smpt server tends to 'time out' periodically, but if I set everything to pop my old emails dont seem to get deleted even though I set the advanced settings to delete after one day etc. I have also downloaded the automatic setup for my iPad (which strangely uses both POP and IMAP settings). Currently using the following. Please advise re: what is the best.


IMAP Account information:

Name: XXX


Description: XXXXX


Incoming mail server:

Host name:


Password: *********


Outgoing mail server:

SMTP: (SSL selected, Server port 25, all other entries blank)


Advanced >>>>>


Mail behaviours:

Drafts mailbox: Drafts

Sent mailbox: Sent messages

Deleted mailbox: Deleted messages

Archived Mailbox:  


Move discarded messages into:

Deleted mailbox: tick


Deleted messages: 

Remove: after one day


Incoming settings
SSL unchecked (not used)

Authentication: password

IMAP Path prefix / blank

Server port: 143


S/MIME unselected




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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: POP or IMAP email setup for optusnet emails on iOS

Imap is not supported by Optus and I think IOS tries to set this method up by default. When you set your mail to delete after a certain amount of days it is actually the mail server where the mail is deleted from not your phone.

RetiredModerator Felicity_YC

Re: POP or IMAP email setup for optusnet emails on iOS

This thread has been getting a few views so we wanted to make sure everyone has the right information. You can find how to set up your email on your phone in a way that suits you in this blog.


Let us know if you have any questions @ChipMolly 

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New Contributor ghr
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Re: POP or IMAP email setup for optusnet emails on iOS

IMAP has been supported by Optus since at least 1995. I have always used IMAP with my 5 Optus email accounts

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