Outage maintenance never ends?!


What's the problem with this kind of maintenance? My home internet has not worked since last Wednesday 9 Jan 2019. I thought it was just temporary and I asked the tech support which they told me it was only a outage and the internet should have come back very soon. I waited for a day and nothing happened. I didn't even get a mail or text message from them. I called back the next day and no one answered my call(I tried at least a dozen times throughout the day). I went to the local store for an answer and they ended up telling me to call them a few more times! So I called them back the third day and the call was answered. I asked about the progress of the maintenance and how long does it normally take. They said they were not certain about the progress and it can take up to a week if necessary. I waited for another 3 days without internet and tv and I was frustrated! So I called again but the girl who answered the call had no idea what I was saying! She couldn't even figure out what my address is. I hanged up and called again later that day. A guy answered the call and it all went pretty well with the address and stuff, but he told me that my cable plan has been canceled and it's recommended to switch to NBN! Was that why I can't access my internet at anytime(the cable shows it's connected but there is no access to the servers) and I have to switch to the NBN to use internet again? But the major problem is why my plan has been canceled without my consent and why didn't I get any notification when the maintenance began? I called 5 more times yesterday and no one answered. I can't live like this for weeks! The holiday ends next week! Can soemone give me a proper answer for this Plz?

Re: Outage maintenance never ends?!


Ah, I'm sorry we couldn't get to this one sooner @Phil-Z


Can I confirm your post code? Happy to go in and take a look.


We'll see where we're at. 


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Re: Outage maintenance never ends?!


Address is 5 Rhodes Dr Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

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