Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


UPDATE 7: It's 10:30am and the CUstomer Support Consultant, Amrupa who promised to call at 8.30am hasn't and the Case Manager, Preetam (emp # CP675198) who promised to call 9:00-9:30am hasn't. Despite repeated promises based on my scepticism - after all, they were consultants no. 9 and 10 respectively. Perfect track record - NO RETURN CALLS DESPITE PROMISES from all consultants. Where is Optus Senior Management in all of this?


I need to do work away from desk, so I'll start calling this afternoon again (... and researching new service provider).

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!

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UPDATE 8: Called Customer Service this afterrnoon, and got Saqib (Emp # CP676363) Consultant 11 - explained problem and quoted case number. He said the usual stuff "really sorry ...." blah blah. I explained Preetan from Case Management team had promised to call between 9.00am and 9.30am but didn't, and asked for him to put me through. His response was "not allowed to transfer you to Case Management" and "... case is open and they will definitely call me today". I laughed and said that he shouldn't say things that weren't true and he suggested I speak to his supervisor.


Then spoke to Mayur - Consultant 12 (he refused to supply employee number due to privacy, and I pointed out that Optus has forwarded all my calls to a stranger for the last 12 days, and that it appears protecting contractor's privacy is more important than a customer's). He said he had called Preetan, and I would get a call at 5.00pm. At the end of the usual coversation he PROMISED to:

- Escalate issue by sending email of problem to Optus "CSAG" team; and

- Following up and ensuring action is taken; and
- calling me within 24-48 hours to check resolution.

I told him if he did everything that he promised, he would be the first - and he was Consultant No. 12. Not holding my breath - more Optus Bull***t.


I receive a call from Preetan, case manager at 5.05pm(!!!!) - he apologised he didn't call when he promised at 9.00am because he had a meeting to go to - no kidding, that's what he said. I suggested that given the circumstances, it would have been polite to call even briefly. He hadn't checked on line status since last night. I tell him it's disabled. He undertook to re-instate line as a new account, and that would take 24-48 hours. i.e. Friday at 5.00pm, and he would call me then. 


I agreed and told him that if problem wasn't resolved by then, no more phone calls to Optus. I have started researching new service providers and that I would transfer from Optus. He said "that's fair".


Sometimes I feel like I've been sucked into this nightmare votex where I'm thinking this will be solved soon ........ my advice for existing customers, as soon as you get a mildly difficult problem, get a commitment on timeframe to resolve and spend your time finding another service provider to move to if they don't deliver. For prospective customers - stay away from Optus until they fire the senior managers responsible for customer service and re-contract with a better customer service provider - who knows, they might even bring this service back to Australia, like they've done for their business customers (you know .... the valuable ones).

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


UPDATE 9 (..... and hopefully LAST): After 12 consultants and 13 days of not having a home phone landline, with 11 days of having home phone calls diverted to a stranger's mobile, the line is now functioning and diversion removed. (reminder: Optus Tech Support while attending to an NBN problem, diverted all my home phone landline calls to a stranger's mobile instead of mine and then disabled the line - both through absolute incompetence).


We have a 2nd line for business, and the way I discovered the home line was being restored was that Optus, without warning brought down internet and work line while I was working and making calls! Presumably rebooting modem - who knows. So, even the restoration was done with complete disregard for the customer. There is nothing about Optus' customer support that is good!


After this and one other experience a year ago, I've had enough, and I am still going to look for an alternative service provider. Yes, they are all bad but Optus has set an exceptionally low bar to beat .... but who knows!


Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


I hope everything works out well for you from now on.  I am actually going to miss reading your updates (BTW, where is Update 6?).  And I also have to tell you - you are a very good writer.  Your posts are emotive and engaging, and you have a great use of vocabulary!   Man Happy 


Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


Thank you, that’s nice of you to say so. My last update, was Update 9. The problem was finally resolved after 13 days. I am genuinely shocked at how bad Optus’ customer support is. I’ve started researching alternative providers, but I’ll wait a bit - I’m over the terrible wait music, and there’s plenty of that!

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