Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


On Sat 2/2 I called (2 hours waiting - 2 calls) Optus Tech Support early morning to report my fixed line internet was down and had no internet or home phone. Tech said they would schedule NBN and text me the NBN scheduled visit date. They also diverted all my home phone calls to my mobile. I called that afternoon to ask why I had not received any text on NBN visit, and discovered the original Tech had used completely incorrect mobile number. The 2nd Tech told me what the incorrect number was, and I made a note of it. They corrected mobile number for texting NBN appointment, but DID NOT REMOVE DIVERSION TO WRONG NUMBER. NBN attended during the week and fixed internet. I noticed no calls coming through to my landline today (Sat 9/2) and called my landline to check. I discovered that calls are being diverted to WRONG MOBILE NUMBER. I tried to remove diversion, but I get a busy signal on my landline and #78 does not work. I have just called Tech Support, but I thought I'd share how I've spent 2 hours of my life fixing Optus incompetence which has inconvenienced two customers and breached my privacy.


Just spoke to Optus Support and they promised to:

1. Have a "Case Manager" remove call diversion to wrong mobile (apparently they did not have access to system to do this. They can't do it now - they're in a meeting!!);

2. Have Case Manager call me on my landline to test the landline works (my request); and

3. Call the poor customer whose mobile number has been receiving my landline calls for the last few days - explain and appologise (also, my request). I called the mobile that was mistakenly used, and explained what happened. She had called Optus on behalf of a relative, and they took her mobile numer down to call her back - Oops!


Let's see how we go, and see how pervasive Optus' incompetence is .....

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!

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UPDATE: It's been 10 hours and diversion to wrong mobile still in place! How long does it take for diverion to be removed? All my landline calls going to a stranger's mobile phone. So much for caring for customers and their privacy.

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!

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UPDATE 2: Well it's been over 20 hours since I was promised Optus' call diversion to a stranger's mobile "will be removed today". Compounding incredibly bad customer servive - incompetence and lack of care in diverting all my landline calls to a wrong mobile number, followed by not removing it when the mistake was pointed out. And now after being told this was an issue of privacy, and being promised it would be done within the day - NOTHING! So here I go again - another hour on the phone with a an uncaring, no accoutability overseas call centre ..........

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


UPDATE 3: Called Customer Service, waited 54 minutes and then explained problem (again). I asked for her employee number, but consultant said let's fix the problem first. I gave her my mobile just in case we were cut off (as I always do). She went away and came back and said her supervisor told her I should dial #78. I said I had already tried this. She said could not see any call diversion on at her end(?). I suggested she dial the numbrer, and she said she had and it diverted to voice mail with a woman's recorded message. I said I knew and told her the number and my coversations with the lady. THE CONSULTANT THEN HUNG UP! Yes, she hung up because I did not receive a return call on my mobile. I am now at a loss of what to do .....

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


UPDATE 4: It's Monday morning, 3 days after speaking with original consultant. I have now been without my home phone landline for 10 days as a direct result of an Optus Tech support person divering my line to a stranger's mobile phone number.


After the usual wait; cut-off and further wait I get through to consulant number 3. I get his employee number and provide call back numbers (2) just in case we get cut-off ;-). I explain problem (again). I explain I did further fault finding and interogated modem and found the line status is "disabled". So I suggested the line needs to be enabled, and then diversion taken off. The consultant checks, and agrees and says he has to escalate to "a higher authority". He says he's completed a "problem report", which he claims this will go to the "Customer Services Activation Group" and "Case Manager". I ask and make a note of the problem report number. I also stress that my landline has noiw been diverted to a stranger for 10 days and is a MAJOR PRIVACY ISSUE, and ask that that be noted in his notes - he says he will. He offers for me to speak to his supervisor and I accept - supervisor is busy and will call back - sure they will .......

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


UPDATE 5: I received a call yesterday (Monday) afternoon from someone from Optus who said they were my "Case Manager". I explained the problem AGAIN. According to my modem, my line had a "disabled" status and all my calls were being diverted to a stranger's mobile. He said he could fix problem - I spent over half an hour on the phone while he went away to do his thing. He got back to me and said he'd put through a request and the update should be in place in 1-4 hours. I asked that he take "ownership" of the problem and check later by calling the number and seeing if it worked. Well, he we are the next day, Tuesday and guess what?! Line still disabled and no follow-up by my so-called "Case Manager".


So, one consultant stuffs me up (diverts my line to a starnger and disables line) and 5 consultants (I think - losing count); 11 days and MANY hours of my time and still NO RESOLUTION - I have no home landline and all my calls are being diverted to a starnger's mobile!


I assume no-one from Optus is reading this, but from CEO down you shoulkd be ashamed of yourselves. No decent processes; no customer focussed culture; no accountability; no competence and a complete disregard for comsumer law and privacy law. 


Here I go again - calling customer support ............

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


I love reading your updates!


I totally understand your frustration, as I have been going through a similar situation.

Here is a summary of what I have gone through recently with Optus....


SUN 27/1/19 - My HOME PHONE (LANDLINE) stops working.

MON 28/1/19 - I contact Optus (via online chat on Optus website), and "Maria" books technicians for TUE 29/1/19.

TUE 29/1/19 - Technicians DO NOT come.

WED 30/1/19 - I open a case on the Optus website. Case Manager Christian Okeefe is assigned, and leaves a message "We're on it". This was 10 DAYS ago, and there has been NO REPLY SINCE.

WED 30/1/19 - I contact Optus again (via online chat on Optus website). "Ada" books technicians for SAT 2/2/19 12:00-16:00.

SAT 2/2/19 (12:00-16:00) - Technicians DO NOT come (2nd TIME).

SAT 2/2/19 (16:00) - I contact Optus again (3rd TIME via online chat on Optus website). "Clifford" assures me that technicians will come today (2/2/19) between 16:00-18:00.

SAT 2/2/19 (16:00-18:00) - Technicians DO NOT come (3rd TIME).

SAT 2/2/19 (18:00) - I inform "Clifford", who now books technicians for TUE 5/2/19.

TUE 5/2/19 - Technicians DO NOT come (4th TIME).

WED 6/2/19 - I e-mail Optus at the e-mail address they provide on their website. Up till now, no reply.

THU 7/2/19 11:10pm - I ring Optus. I am told that a technician will contact me within 20 minutes. Of course, this does not happen.

THU 7/2/19 11:40pm - I ring Optus again. "Laukik" tells me that technicians will come on TUE 12/2/19.

TUE 12/2/19 - Guess what? Technicians DO NOT come (5th TIME).


So, like you, I have been without a functioning landline for over 2 weeks.


I am now at the stage where it is clear that Optus does not value me as their customer, despite almost 20 years of loyalty and the thousands of dollars (over $20,000) I have paid to them over the years. I will be shifting to another company (Telstra?) over the next few months for all my products and services (Home phone/landline, Internet, Pay TV, Mobile phones).  Goodbye Optus!


Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!

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UPDATE 6: Well, what a day! 5 Consultants today. I call customer support (as usual), 28 minutes wait. Explained problem (as usual) and gave a case/problem number. They transfer me through to "Case Management Team". I get Adarsh (Emp # CP660736) - by this stage have been on phone 51 minutes. I explain problem (as usual). I explain that I'd had a call from his team the day before, with an assurance changes were made and roll through system in 1-4 hours, and that they would call, but here we are the next day at 11.30am with no solution and no follow up call! Adarsh was very apologetic (as usual) and promised to fix problem (as usual). He said he'd call back in 20-30 minutes with an update - you guessed it - no solution and no call.


Mid-afternoon I call and after 41 minutes get Amrupa (she refused to give employee number, but gave ref #). Explain problem, and give case number. She calls Case Management Team, but after about half an hour she says "Case Management Team" won't accept calls after 2.30pm" hmmmm that's weird. But she absolutely, positively, yada yada .... will call me tomorrow morning. I told her she was No. 8 consultant that had made promises and there was almost no chance she would call back, trying to shame her into keeping her promise - pathetic really! We finish call.


Ok, I've had enough. I decide to call and threaten to have service terminated if problem is not fixed. I navigate through the VERY LONG LIST of options designed to stop me talking to a person. Answered by Tech Support hmmm. I ask for the direct number for service cancellations (1300 300 427), and get through after the usual LONG wait. I explain the problem and said that I think it's time to try another service provider. HANG ON, says cosultant, let me get Case Management on the line. I get Preetan (Emp # CP675188) in pretty quick time (hang on! They won't take calls after 2.30pm. Oh, that was Bull***t). Within 5 minutes, call forwarding to stranger's mobile number removed (really) and then he started on re-enabling line. It's almost 6pm, and line status goes into "registering" - my heart flutters. We agree that will check when he knocks-off at 6.30pm, and will call in the morning if line is not enabled. Later in the evening I check - heart sinks - status "disabled". Oh pooh!


Interestingly Preetan says that according to the notes, he is the first Case Management Team person to deal with this. The others were from other teams, but not Case Management. Oh really! Preetan is consultant no. 10. 


Tomorrow morning, I'm sure I'll get call-backs, and problem will be resolved - after all it's been 12 days (yeah, right!). I will also be researching other service providers to transfer to. Honestly, what a disgrace. Where's the Royal Commission into telecommunications. I guess the conga line of poor service providers in Australia is a LONG one. 

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!


Hi, I didn't think anyone was reading them. It's therapy really - and notes for me to refer to for the next incompetent, unaccountable, unempowered consultant I speak with - about 10 so far. Please read last update - I'm heading down your path! Looking for the least worst service provider.

Re: Optus tech support diverted my (faulty) home landline to WRONG mobile!

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