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Optus keeps “losing” connection order

I’m moving into a house that I’ve purchased next week. No NBN available yet, but it has cable (Optus connection is by the meter box) so I was limited to Telstra or Optus. Optus $90 plan seemed the best so went with that. 


Order was placed via online chat on 9/11. Text received with order number a few days later and a credit check was run. Nothing further heard. I figured I’d follow up just to see if there was an issue. Fun starts here;


- contact Optus via online chat (roughly 2 weeks after placing order). Spend an hour with the first person who can’t seem to figure out what I’ve ordered and eventually transfers me to some other department. 

- spend about an hour again with this other department and still get nowhere. End up getting this person to call and I speak to their supervisor. 

- supervisor gets a little further... says he can see order was placed via online chat and has found the reference. I am suspicious of this as nobody at Optus since has been able to find it. This drags on for another hour and a bit with the supervisor pausing for 10 mins at a time to think. Ended up getting nowhere. I ask him to send me an email outlining the details of the order and the issue. He says he will and is desperate to get me off the phone and close the chat (I’d left this open in case the call was disconnected - it was one). Of course, once the call was ended, I received no email and the promised call within 24 hours is never received. 

- I get into the Facebook team who give me the usual “oh what a bad experience” line. They too can’t find the order, however confirm the credit check was done ok (and admit it’s all very strange). They give me a link back to the sales chat staff and tell me to put a new order in. 

- speak to the sales staff again. Try to get an update on the previous order, but now it’s lost forever and nobody has any idea. Stuff around for a bit before being transferred to somebody else who does the whole order again. Told another credit check will be done, new order placed and I’d get a confirmation within 24 hours. I’m now given a second order number. 

- 24 hours pass. No order email. Get back onto the social media team who tells me the new order hasn’t gone through either. Told to get in touch with sales staff. 

- manage to get onto the same person in sales. Assures me the order has gone through and to give it another day. 

- another day passes. Still no confirmation. Get into FB again and they assure me neither of the orders exist and suggest I try phone sales and put through a third order.  I ask for a number and reference to call, but they don’t give me an answer (seem to be copy and paste “oh we’ll definitely pass on feedback”. No resolution suggested or offered. 


All in all I’ve wasted probably 12 hours on this. 


I really don’t get how Optus can take an order (even doing a credit check) and then just seemingly lose it. 


Is the solution really to put in a third order and hope for the best? It’s just going around in circles. 

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Optus keeps “losing” connection order

Sorry to hear of the experience@N860CR, 


Did you record any of the reference numbers you were given? Due to system issues, we've had to process a small amount of NBN orders via a non-standard sales webform.


The reference number usually begins with a 0. Not all of our agents have access to this form, which might explain why they've had so many issues trying to locate the order.


You can always send us a PM. We'll need your full name, DOB and address. 

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