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Optus is not doing well. Move to mvno

This is one of the worst support forums i have ever seen.  A lot of answers are easily googled, yet no one replies within 24 hours.  Then someone who has a legitimate Optus question gets no help at all.  Majority of posts are complaints, and unhappy customers.  I recommended Optus for a long time to customers, and i have never had an issue, but maybe thats why.  Optus needs to step up their support if they want to keep being competative in an expanding industry.  atm, it seems cheaper price=cheaper service, but they are not actually cheaper than many competitors tbh.  Anyone spending $80 or more on services from Optus should imediatly move to Telstra.  It pains me to say that, but less issues, faster speeds, more support, sevice line that actually answers.  Anyway, just my opinion on a failing network, that is getting worse and worse.....Again i have not had an issue yet, but read this forum lol.