Optus is incompetent - Cannot change Broadband plan after 4 days of trying


Aim: To upgrade from 30Mbps to 100Mbps plan, long time user, no other recent changes.


Issue 1: "Validate My Service" page is a waste of bytes, no combination of any details will allow it to progress.  

Solution 1: Fix the page or remove it as a road block to progressing through the plan change.


Issue 2: Optus Chat Bots in the live chat are a waste of time

Solution 2: Use real humans.  If these are real humans they need a LOT of training.


Issue 3: Being lied to by an Optus representative that the rate change has been completed.

Solution 3: Disciplinary action on that representative or delete the chat bot.


Issue 4: Received an email saying that the upgrade had been completed, from a random email address, not even from Optus domain, no header or banner.

Solution 4: At least have an Optus banner on the email and a little more context.  Looks a lot like spam.


Issue 5: Calling Optus and going through the 5 minutes of menus ends with Optus hanging up after telling you to go to the useless Validate my Service (Issue 1) website.

Solution 5: How about an option to speak to an operator?  DER!


I look forward to any response andwhen useful actions can be implemented.



Re: Optus is incompetent - Cannot change Broadband plan after 4 days of trying


Have you tried turning your modem off and back on Smiley Happy


What speeds are you getting on a speed test? If its anything over 30 Mbps then the speed pack is active.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus is incompetent - Cannot change Broadband plan after 4 days of trying


Hi Peter,


Over the weekend (days 5 and 6 since initial confirmation from a bot that we ordered the upgrade) the speed changed to more than 30Mbps*.  

The * is there because anytime after 5:30pm the speed is constant at around 4 - 5Mbps, so 20 - 25 times slower than what we pay EXTRA for.  And they wonder why complaints about the NBN have gone up 180% in months!?!


The solution to getting the upgrade seemed to be:

 - call the 13 number 4 times, get hung up on by thte auto dialer crap telling me to go to the failed website, finally wait on hold for 10 minutes, talk to someone with broken english

 - request service upgrade, be told that we cant get it on our $80/month plan, we would need to upgrade to an $80/month plan....?

 - confirm 3 times that we dont want Fetch (what a waste of money)!

 - be told that it would happen within 4 hours and to power cycle the modem at that time

 - actual activation time was somewhere 12 - 24 hours later than they suggested over the weekend that we were away.


Good luck people

Re: Optus is incompetent - Cannot change Broadband plan after 4 days of trying


So it is activated. That's a start. 


I'm not sure now whether the NBN or Optus are the ones that throttle your service. I believe its still Optus and Optus do seem to have a problem getting the message through sometimes to apply or remove speed packs.



It sounds like you were on a $60 a month plan? Plus something for calls? To get 100Mbps you need to go on the base $80 plan (no calls included) and pay $20 for the speed pack = $100 a month.


I can discus the congestion issues (you're no alone there) but will do that after you give a bit more information.


Can you provide a street and postcode. I can check what max speed your NBN line is rated to.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Optus is incompetent - Cannot change Broadband plan after 4 days of trying


Hey @MatBrat, it does sound like you've had a pretty rough experience but there's likely a couple of issues at play here.


As @petergdownload has advised and offered to check for you, is an estimate of your maximum attainable line speed. Depending on the access technology NBNco have opted to roll out in your area, the service mightn't be capable of achieving speeds of above X amount. A fixed wireless broadband service or FTTN/FTTB services are prime examples. 


Based on the description you've given, it's likely down to Network capacity. If the service is capable of achieving speeds of above 25 Mbps during non-peak hours and then drops significantly during peak hours of use then the answer is an obvious one. 


Feel free to send us a PM with your account details. We'll need your full name, DOB and account number. I'm happy to double check if the speed package has been correctly applied. 


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