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Optus internet Bill (NBN - Cable)

I received my bill for the internet connection.


There is an item "Professional Install", $140.

You have not switched me to the NBN plan as per the arrangement i was offered when i called to switch to the NBN. I and i do not have the 3 months of discount i was offered at the time.

After months of send me relentless letters to switch to NBN, I fainlly agreed. It took over 2 months of delays and "unexplained issues" to get it done - because you and NBN could not get organised. 

When an NBN technician finally came to my house to install the new modem, he disconnected the land line. I was forced to move my phone from the Kitchen to a location was was inconvenient because the NBN person didnt want to connect the modem to the old line (which is Cat6 cable). On top of that, I was without a land line for weeks because there was a problem with the box in the street.

Finally an Optus technician came to install replace the box in the street and reconnect the land line. 

Now my bill is still for the Optus cable and not NBN and I have an extra $140 to pay. 

After all the delays and mess you made and as I said, i had no land line for weeks, i get an extra $140 added to the bill for "professional install' . 

Please remove the $140 from the bill. 

There was nothing professional about any thing that you arranged or did. 

After finally cleaning up the mess, i should not have to pay for it.


Kindest regards, 

Marcello Venuto 



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