Optus hung up on me and didn’t call back


I called Optus for support with the activation of my new modem, as it wasn’t working after I followed all of the step for set up.


i waited 50 mins for someone to talk to, and after waiting another 5 mins for her to set up the activation and update my account, she was confirming my call back number and then hung up. I waited a few minutes to give her a chance to ring me back (my mobile is also with Optus so they know my number is active and I’m sure my number also comes up on the telephone when I call) and I got no call so I called back the same way I did before and then get told it’s over an hour and a half wait, and it would be best to hang up and call again later.


if someone could organise to have my call returned completed ASAP that would be great, as I really don’t want to have to sit in the cue wasting more of my spare time.

Re: Optus hung up on me and didn’t call back


You shouldn't need to activate your modem unless you are on the older Optus HFC network.


You can live chat with technical support who can complete the modem activation, however, even the Yes Crowd team won't be able to get that specific representative to call back. From my days in a contact centre when these things happen, you go to call back and a call drops straight in (especially if as you say, you say there is a 90min wait) and you forget rather than it being a concerted thing against you.

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