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Optus home line and ADSL connection

We transferred our home fixed line and Internet service from Telstra to Optus on May 3st 2018. This was planned several weeks in advance.  The Telstra line was cut on May 31st, but as of this evening, June 6th(7 days later) Optus has been unable to connect our home phone or Internet service. 


Over the past 7 days, we have spent over 15 hours on the phone speaking to Optus’ useless support staff, being transferred from one department to another and being told numerous stories (lies) along the way, but all to no avail. We are still without phone line and Internet connection.


We have also been in touch with their chat service too, but with the same result - being passed on to multiple departments only to be fobbed off each time. It seems no one is accountable there and no one can help us. I have even had people promise to call me, but they never do. We also have a case number, but this hasn’t made a difference and no one has made contact with us to discuss.


We refuse to call up their support people, as it is clearly a waste of time, not to mention bad for one’s blood pressure. They also refuse to send a technician out to our house (although I am sure Telstra wouldn’t deny this), so we are left in limbo, with no one at Optus in the slightest accountable. They even told me they don’t have an email address to which we can send our complaint.  Their customer service is probably the worst I have ever come across.


These people are IDIOTS!!! What can I do, other than go back to Telstra and wait a few more weeks for a new service??


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Re: Optus home line and ADSL connection

Hey @BobbyJones - thanks for taking the time to write this up. It's quite disappointing to read your experience, especially given you organised this way in advance. 
Have you been provided with any reference numbers or fault numbers? We'd be happy to take a look into this for you. Apologies for the experience. 

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