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Optus has

basically go told us to go *moderated* ourselves.  After 12 years of being signed up as a loyal customer, being overcharged, having mobile phone numbers added that we did nt ask for to name just  a few problems; Optus has refused to price match any of the great NBN offers we have had.   So from now to October, I have to change over our email address with multiple users and contacts.  Is there a email forwarding site that we can use over this transition?      Telstra let us pay $1 per month for 36 months to keep our email address while we transitioned to Optus.   Or is this a service that useless Optus won't provide?  

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Re: Optus has

It's believed that you can retain an email address, if you keep any MBB account running. (prepaid or postpaid) But you won't know until you try it.

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Re: Optus has

Optus don't price match. That's their choice I suppose.


FWIW 3 months is plenty to transition an email account (which I always suggest you should never get an ISP dependent email address for this exact reason)


1) Set up a cloud account (i suggest gmail)

2) you can immeadiately link the optus account to appear in the gmail account (down load past emails and then get all future ones)

3) You can tag emails that come via Optus. Start sending email address updates to people

4) Look back over the last year and start updating online accounts (banking? forums? Electricity accounts?, Rates? etc.) 

5) set up two factor authentication on gmail


After a month or two you should have migrated most important links to the gmail account. In the last month perhaps set the optus to auto reply your new address and shut the link. Do a last check on emails that come through and then move on.




Peter Gillespie