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Occasional Contributor eekles
Occasional Contributor

Optus didn't disconnect me

I contacted Optus on 29 November 2018 to have my ADSL2+ broadband service disconnected as it was painfully slow and unusable most of the time in the afternoon and evenings.


After trying three different chat session, each operator gave me different quotes for a disconnection fee. I finally agreed to pay the lowest amount quoted which I think was around the $140? mark.  I confirmed I wanted to disconnect so the new provider can then activate the line. 


Fast forward to mid-Feb 2019, I am still getting direct debit charges from Optus for the broadband service I'm not using, and the new provider has contacted me saying they can't activate the line because it's still occupied. Luckily the new provider is Telstra and I can use their backup 4G service on the modem.


Been waiting on 24/7 chat for about 20 minutes and was on the phone on hold for 40mins prior to my phone battery completely dying. Is there any way of getting the difference between the 3 months of billing (3 x $60/month) and disconnection fee refunded? I just want my line disconnected!

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Crowd Champion caaf
Crowd Champion

Re: Optus didn't disconnect me

Wow certainly stretched this one out.. Could I ask why you did request to port away from Optus? I’m sure it would’ve been something Telstra could do. The process would’ve been easier (normally) as the two company’s do all the work behind the sevens.. 

Cheers Dave

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