Optus customer service...or lack thereof


How do I get to talk to someone in the customer resolutions team here in Australia or a senior manager at Optus. I had a simple request that shouldn't have been hard to resolve and I have just been taken round and round in circles. I've been told things, promised things, let down and had my time wasted waiting for technicians to turn up that hadn't even been booked. And still my issue isn't resolved.


I'm really sick of it. I've been a Optus customer for over 20 yrs. Your service use to be great but now it is just terrible and you don't even seem to care. I can only blame senior management who hide behind front line customer service staff who don't have the resources or training to resolve customer issues effectively and quickly. So long as they get their fat bonuses who gives a stuff about the customers.   

Re: Optus customer service...or lack thereof


It certainly makes you think that Optus make it very hard to complete the simplest task for a reason, whatever it is. just look on the forum at the number of complaints and check it against other telco`, Optus is way out in front.

Re: Optus customer service...or lack thereof


@bradh99, we don't have a direct number for our complaints/resolutions team. Customers who are referred onto our CRG team are case managed until their dispute is resolved. A CRG team member will only be assigned in the following circumstances.


  • The customer has attempted to contact us via our front-line service channels. If the agent was unable to resolve the enquiry, you can request that the matter be escalated to their team leader. If you're dissatisfied with the team leaders decision, they'll then refer your case off to our customer relation group.
  • You've raised a dispute with the TIO after having first sought assistance from Optus. A CRG team member is assigned to your case and you're given a response time of 10 working days from the date in which you submit your enquiry to the TIO.

Which network had we organised to connect you to i.e. Cable, ADSL or NBN? I'm more than happy to have look from my end. I need your full name, DOB and account number. Send your details via the URL below:


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