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New Contributor
New Contributor

Optus cannot get Internet to work

We have been onto Optus to get our internet to work. 

They have tried everything online and still no internet.

Telstra have fixed the phone and that works fine but we still cannot get our internet, it just won't connect on DSL.

What do we do now ? We are new tenants and the previous tenants had internet so why can't Optus give us internet.

Every time we call we get passed from one person to the next and still no Internet. We had the Optus technician on the phone at last and he couldn't get us online either. 

So what do we do now ? Does this mean we can't have Internet here ? Or is it just an Optus issue ? ? 

We are so baffled to what we are to do. We were Optus customers in Sydney and went with Optus again but I think this is a big mistake as it's been weeks and still no internet. 

Is there anyone there at Optus that can help us get connected and follow through. 

We are suppose to be with you for two years and was told we'd have to pay an exit fee if we left, he'll we can't even get online and Optus want to charge us to leave when you cannot even get us online. 

We are so disappointed and we are list to what we are to do. Anybody at Optus can actually fix the problem for us ? Please ! 



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Re: Optus cannot get Internet to work

Hi Allan, very sorry for the late reply to your post.

Can only imagine how frustrating that this would've been for you 😞

Is it now up and running? If not, please PM me with your username/account number so I can run a few tests on our end - alternatively, if you have any fault ref #'s I'd be happy to chase it up for you. 

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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus cannot get Internet to work

Hi, you have no idea of the problems I've had with Optus. The call centre people put me through person after person, nothing ever got done, everyone said they would call me back, no one ever did. They promised I'd have internet, never did get it, they promised to send out technicians but they never showed up, yes never showed up, was promised between 7am-12midday but sat here all day and no one showed up, no phone call, nothing ! I called Optus to complain and was put through from person to person, still no one at Optus could tell me why the technician didn't even show up. The Optus operator again said  he could book a technician to come to see me in 4 working days time, I said this is not good enough, I have been waiting for internet 3 weeks and your technician didn't show up and you want me to wait another 4 working days 

and what if he don't show up ? The operator said he can't confirm whether he will show up ? ? really ? you ask me to wait again for a technician in another 4 working days and he again may not show up ? 

I had enough I said, so unprofessional ! In Sydney where we were your loyal customers of Optus never had this kind of treatment, moved to Qld and treated So bad ! Very disgusting customer service ! I think any customer of Optus moving to Qld is going to have the same problem, don't go with Optus, they promise the world but cannot deliver simple internet when you move. 

So we never got internet, gave up ! So we don't have any internet at all, looking for a new provider that can give us internet. We are not in the outback, just down the road from Surfers Paradise so why Optus can't get their technician to come here blows me away. Optus you are loosing great customers with your terrible customer service !