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Optus can't find my address

Hi there,


I have recently moved to a new house (townhouse) and I am trying to set up ADSL2 but Optus can't seem to find my address in their system.

Using pseudonyms, I live at 1A Smith Road North, and it seems the Optus system can only see 1A Smith Road (no North). I raised this when I couldn't select my actual address when trying to sign up online, and so I used the live chat function. The guy on there said 'no worries, I'll set it up for you with the right address' and so I set up my account via him. Then several hours later I received the confirmation email wherein he had entered 1A Smith Road (no north). I tried the live chat again asking for them to amend it, and the new person said they can't change it, I would have to wait 3-4 Business days for the next email to come through and call back. 

I waited 4 days, and got a text asking me to call Optus immediately. I called Optus and the person I reached said they can't find either address and he'd have to cancel my order as Optus doesn't serve there. I know my neighbour uses Optus, so I imagine it is something to do with the address database...? It's also a pretty central location, and there is a phone connetcion existing.

Anyway, that guy transferred me to sales (25 minutes later) I speak to someone else who says he can't help and transfers me to technical support (25 minutes later) I give up waiting and find an ADSL support contact number online so I call that (15 minutes later) no answer, so here I am, hoping someone can help who may have had a similar problem?!! 

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