Optus can’t connect me to internet


We have subscribed a new broadband plan for a new place we are renting. It’s been 7 weeks now, and we are still unable to get connected. NO ONE called us back when they were supposed to. This week, my partner and I have contacted your services EVERYDAY to solve the issue. They said it would be fixed the 28 Feb. Still not working. It would have been fixed today... NOT WORKING! 

It is not possible to have someone over the phone or on live chat. OPTUS will take your money but they don’t provide the service they are supposed to.

Really disappointing! You should be ashame of yourself.

Re: Optus can’t connect me to internet


I totally understand your frustration cause I am going through the same crap with Optus related to ADSL and my mobile plan. Try to be patient and I know we shouldn’t have to be when like u said they quick to charge and bloody slow to address issues which we have no control over but they do. It’s disgusting

Re: Optus can’t connect me to internet


HI Steven72! I saw your message on Yescrowd. 

They even force us to pay cancellation fees even though, they already know that we’ve never had Internet. 

They said a technician has to visit our apartment and check if everything’s ok to cancel without fees. What a joke! 

They then transferred the call to the Tech team to book a technician... guess what... the call FAILED and NO ONE called us back.

So we are now PRISONERS OF OPTUS. We can’t go anywhere else without paying any cancellation fees. 

I’m a student and self-employed, my partner works from home too, so we can’t work/study because of Optus.



Re: Optus can’t connect me to internet


I had a similar issue of trying to deal with Optus when I was relocating addresses. Long story short, they tried to send me a new modem 3 times to an address I wasn't living at yet and for some stupid reason couldn't seem to manage a simple delivery address  change. No one ever called back and I was the one always having to call them to find out what the hell was going on and got a different answer every single time. I never ended up getting it and yet they're charging me for a delivery fee. You should raise a complaint with Ombudsman if it gets really bad.

Re: Optus can’t connect me to internet




Have we given you a fault reference number or any sort of indication as to what's holding up the activation?


Can you send details through to myself or one of our other moderators?


You've been waiting an incredibly long time. We'll see if we can speed up the process or at the least let you know why there has been such a delay.


We need your full name, DOB and account number.


@Steven72, the offer extends to you too.


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