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Optus cable is really let me down in these days



I have been using optus cable for over 1 year now. It's real good, fast and reliable at the start. I signed my 24-month contract with the boost speed pack which allowed me to get the download speed of 100mbps and download speed of 2 mbps.


Starting from last month or two, the network is fairly unreliable and the speed never reaches 100, only getting about 50 or at best 60. I start feeling frustrated about that and the most annoying part of this is the packet loss when i am gaming. Those packet loss can be as high as 80%, and the ping was very unstable (vary from 15ms to 150ms). Every time I use the live chat to seek help, all i got is some useless suggestion (restart router, reset router) and a tones of excuse after that. I've been restarting the router a few times, and it still not giving what I suppose to have. And every time i told them I am having slow and unreliable internet, only response is congestion. Thanks optus, congestion at 2pm? What a joke. Not going to stay with optus after the end of the contract.


I hope others have a good internet experience. But for me, my experience is fairly poor in recent months. Anyway, anyone can suggest me any solution other than restarting, and resetting?

Re: Optus cable is really let me down in these days


The Optus cable is due to be scrapped in the next year or two. With the NBN coming there's little incentive for them to fix a network that has been under maintained for years now. So long as you have a working connection then its likely the answer to any queries will be "Its a known issue and we don't have a timeline for resolution"


At 50Mbps you're still in the top 10% of the population. When does the NBNarrive in your suburb?


FWIW Telcos have never publicly stated any set "packet loss" performance. Its something yet to be enforceable (or enven understood by governing bodies)


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus cable is really let me down in these days


Thanks mate. I didn't know cable is going to be a historical thing.

NBN is planned to be available from Jul-Sep 2019 in my suburb.


So, is there not much I can do before getting NBN?


Re: Optus cable is really let me down in these days


The NBN hoped to use both the Optus and Telstra cable network but in the end only the Telstra one was deemed salvagable.


But you are paying for a 100Mbps service and should be getting it. Definitely make some noise but IMO Optus would need to perform widespread maintenence to fix your individual issue and have probably just decided to wait it out.


The nice thing about the NBN is you aren't wedded to the only 1 of 2 high speed providers and can choose any plan from any provider. 


Another option while you wait is to get Telstra cable if you can. The NBN will be using the Telstra cable so if already connected then switching on the NBN will just be some paper work.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Optus cable is really let me down in these days


Dont think it is only cable- i have adsl and it is appalling, very slow especially in the afternoon and evening, but can be any time. Am really tired of spending time just sat waiting for sites to be reached, even my email. Am paying for very little, i feel.


Re: Optus cable is really let me down in these days


Sorry to hear that, @PomJ. Have you raised this with our Tech Support team, or got anything in the way of a fault/reference number we could take a look at? 

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