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New Contributor Britto
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Optus are impossiblely frustrating if you have to actually talk to a REAL PERSON to solve a problem

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Occasional Contributor keho
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Re: Optus are impossiblely frustrating if you have to actually talk to a REAL PERSON to solve a pro

No kidding.  The business is so fragmented into tiny pieces of competence that no-one has any idea about anything outside the handful of stock answers on their particular screen.  Beyond that, all they can do is say how sorry they are and flick you on somewhere else.  And that's after you've waited 30 minutes if you're lucky to speak to anybody at all. 


The chat "service" is the same.  That's when (as in my experience happens about 90% of the time for technical help but, funnily enough, rarely for sales) they aren't experiencing more traffic than usual so you can't get through at all.  I've been fighting my way through the tech and sales staff since Tuesday because they managed to cut off my home phone without notice or justification.  Been promised that it's fixed Tuesday morning (give it 10 minutes to 4 hours), Wednesday morning (4 hours), Wednesday night (It's done - no it isn't - O gee you're right, it'll be 1-2 hours), Thursday morning (it's fixed - no it isn't - uh 4-24 hours) Friday night (it's now with CRG team - big time internal consumer complaints people who will attend me with flowers and offers of love and money - "you will have to wait 5 business days" who will provide "the best possible resolution"). The more I complain, the further away it gets.


I have suggested that a grovelling apology by some senior manager made before all the poor saps who have to deal directly with us and are powerless to help, plus loads of cash would be the best possible resolution, but the low-level folk I've been restricted to so far can't give me any indication whether that's Optus' idea of best.


And the CRG team is so secret, so well removed from people like us that even street-level staff can't contact it: to quote from my friendly fireside "chat" of earlier this evening:

"You will have to wait 5 business days CRG team will investigate and get back to you as we do not have direct number".


Quite how this organisation satisfies its obligations under the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999 is a complete mystery to me.


So I dont mean to sound discouraging, but if you're just starting out trying to get Optus to do small things like deliver promised services or goods, my recent experience suggests you'd better bring a packed lunch with you.

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