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Optus Webmail | Everything you need to know

Here are some handy tips and frequently asked questions about Optus Webmail. From setup, troubleshooting and other nifty features that you mightn't of been aware of. 


What type of services are eligible for an OptusNet email?


You can attach an OptusNet email address to the following services:
• Optus Fixed Broadband services (ADSL, NBN & Cable)
• Optus Mobile/Wireless Broadband services (Postpaid & Prepaid)


How do I change my Optus email password? 

How much storage space does Optus webmail offer?


Up to 500MB worth of emails. To check your storage quota, navigate to the Settings tab → Webmail Settings → Quota.


Does Optus support IMAP?


Yes, see  IMAP VS POP3 email setup for mail server settings.


How do I setup email on my phone or tablet?


Setup instructions can differ from device – device. Check out our Device Guides for instructions specific to your device.

Search for your device → Select Device → Select Messages and Email → Select your preferred email setup configuration (POP3 or IMAP). 


How do I setup my email on a desktop or laptop?


Depending on the email client you use, instructions can differ. For step by step instructions, see using an email application with OptusNet email.


How do I Import contacts to Optus Webmail?

  1. Ensure that the contacts you wish to import are in a vCard format (A file format that’s often attached to email messages)
  2. Click the, 'Import' button on the menu bar of the Webmail, 'Contacts' tab.
  3. Select your desired vCard file from the relevant location on your current computer/device
  4. Click 'Open' - the vCard will then be imported into your Webmail contacts

How do I export contacts from Optus Webmail


  1. Select desired contact(s) from the Webmail, 'Contacts' tab (Under the More menu there is an Export All option)
  2. Click the 'Export' button on the menu bar
  3. Select the format of the file you’d like to export (.VCF for vCard or .CSV for Excel)

If you have any questions about Optus Webmail, please comment below 🙂