Optus Tech never showed up.




We were booked to have a technician come and connect our internet between 7:30-12 today. I have now been at the property for this entire time with a baby and once again no technician has turned up (much like last time we tried to have our services connected). 


Whats worse, is that your phone line now states a 1.5 hour wait and your chat line has “technical issues” so we can’t comtact anyone for a timely update. We now need to go home to settle the baby and cannot stay in the empty property to do so, and will likely have to repeat this ridiculous process on another day. 


Please get in contact to to arrange a technician who actually turns up within the 4.5 hour window you allocated as today as already wasted half a day of moving time. 


I’m a long time Optus customer but my experience over the last year has been nothing short of consistently shocking. 


Re: Optus Tech never showed up.


Hi @Anna3948, I'm sorry we couldn't get to you sooner.


What's the current update on this one? Have we since organised for another technician to come out?


If you need a hand, I'm happy to see if there's anything we can do.

You're welcome to send us a PM with your order details. We'll need your full name, DOB and order reference number. If you don't have the order reference number on hand, send the complete address through. 


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Re: Optus Tech never showed up.




They rescheduled it for tonight between 12-5pm, once again they have not show up. Granted they still have ten minutes to do so but I don’t think that’s likely.


Will PM you the details as this is really frustrating.

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