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Optus Student Offer - 10% off 4G Home Internet Plans

Score yourself 10% off 4G Home internet plans 

Students can now enjoy fuss free access to the web with Optus 4G Home Internet. If you’re an eligible university/tertiary student, you could receive 10% off the cost of your 4G Home Internet monthly plan fees for 24 months. 

Students can sign up in-store, over the phone , online (via Optus Student Hub) or with our sales team over messenger). If you do sign up online, we’ll need you to generate a unique promo code via the Optus Student Hub and validate you’re a student.

During the sign-up process, we’ll confirm whether your address is in a 4G Home Internet serviceable area.

Which plans are elegible for the 10% discount? 

The discount is available to new or customers with a valid student ID who sign up an Optus 4G Home Internet plan on a 24 month contract or on a month-to-month term.

What form of student ID do I need to be eligible?

Uni/tertiary students with one of the following valid forms of student identification (ID) are eligible to claim the offer:

  • Uni/Tertiary ID Card
  • enrolment confirmation
  • Student Visa confirmation
  • University Residence Agreement

Claiming the offer online

To claim this offer online, visit the Optus Student Hub and follow the redemption steps below:

  1. In the required field, enter your valid email address
  2. An email will be sent to your student email address with your
  3. Pick your plan on Optus Student Hub
  4. At the checkout, enter your promo code for the discount to be applied.


Q: Can anyone sign up to the student offer?

A: No. You must be a student (as verified by the one of the following documents):

  • Valid Uni/Tertiary ID Card
  • Valid Enrolment confirmation
  • Valid Student Visa confirmation
  • Valid University Residence Agreement.

You’ll also need to sign up to a as a new service or must be recontracting from an existing 4G Wireless Broadband  or 4G Internet plan.

Q: I’m a student who already has a 4G Home Internet plan, am I eligible for the 10% discount?

A: If you have one of the documents we’ve mentioned above, you can receive the discount as long as you recontract to the 4G Internet Everyday plan or 4G Internet Lite Plan. 

Q: What happens if you cancel or move plans?

A: The discount will be forfeited if you recontract, change or cancel your 4G Home Internet service.

Q: How long is the discount available for?

A: You will receive the discount for 24 months, provided you don’t cancel or move to an ineligible plan.

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