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Hi Y'All, 

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this. 12 months ago, we signed up for a broadband/mobile bundle, 2 year contract, $30 mobile plan and $80 broadband plan. The broadband plan includes the Optus Sport/EPL subscription, which, in the words of the Terms and Conditions, comes at "no extra charge". However, Optus have started invoicing us $15 a month, starting this month, because they say "our mobile plan isn't over $85" and the "free Optus Sport was just a promotion". We understand it may have been a limited promotion for the mobile plan, but it is a paid in full, ongoing part of the broadband plan, so they shouldn't be able to suddenly say that is over, should they? 

We have just spent 2 hours with their various departments trying to say "but we're paying for it as part of our broadband, you can't also charge us for it on our mobile" but they are telling us "you will be charged from now on".  

Anyone else had this, or perhaps some advice?


Mish and Dan 

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Not sure whether this will work.

Login to My Account

Sports and entertainment>optus sports

Disable optus sports on your mobile number

Make sure it is enabled against your broadband plan.


See how it goes




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Re: Optus Sport Double Charge


Hey @Mish_And_Dan, the free subscription was only for the 16/17 season of EPL. The terms and conditions did state that after the season had ended you will be charged at $15 each month if you don't cancel before the next season. Whilst the information about the charge was advised, we do understand it was a year ago and some people may have forgotten so we are happy to fix this up for you if you can you please send us a PM with your account details, DOB and full name? 

Re: Optus Sport Double Charge


Thanks Dave, I think you have solved the issue. I still wonder why in 2 hours of conversation with Optus they couldn't explain the same thing, but hey, all's well...



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