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New Contributor mlwgmo
New Contributor

Optus Speed Test - Download Test Fail

What does it mean if I run the Optus Speed Test and get an error message saying 'Download Test Error. Download test returned an error while trying to read the download file'?


Ping is 8ms but download speed testing takes several minutes and then I get the error message above.


I've been having a lot of problems with downloading files and being able to use a remote log-in service (constantly logging me out and re-connecting).


I am using an ethernet connection (though quite a long cable - don't know if this impacts on performance?)


I am a real novice with this stuff so any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

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RetiredModerator Tom

Re: Optus Speed Test - Download Test Fail

Hi mlwgmo, very strange! Certainly the speed test may encounter issues from time to time, but very weird that it's always doing this for you.


Your ping definitely seems good and the length of the Ethernet cable shouldn't impact the speed test in any way. So you're definitely using this site to run the test?


Have you tried running the test on a different browser too?

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Optus Speed Test - Download Test Fail

don't worry about the Optus speed test.

Just use the website:

This will select an optus server anyway and in my case gives higher download results than the official optus speed test site.

I suspect that the Optus implentation is flawed in some manner.


I have been having ongoing problems with my Optus FTTN connection and so now run a speed logger program:

I have this set to test my download speed every 30 minutes and log it so t hat I can see what is happening over time.

Most of the time I have download speeds in excess of 22mbps on a 25mbps plan which is acceptable but sometimes it goes as low as 1mbps but Optus and the NBN both say my connection is good.

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