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Optus Outages | Planned Vs Unplanned

Types of Optus Outages

Outages fall under two broad categories, unplanned and planned. Below, we’ll explain the two types of outages. You can use our coverage/outage map or check My Optus app for Network Outage updates to find out the type of outage that’s impacting your service.

Note: If you’re unable to find an outage listed against your address, the fault could be isolated to your service address. You can access tools and trouble shooting guides to try and resolve these issues via the My Optus app.

Unplanned outages

These occur suddenly and without warning. Unplanned outages can vary in their severity and complexity. They can include but are not limited to:

  • Power outages resulting in the loss of power supply to Optus Network infrastructure
  • Adverse weather such as severe storms which have damaged our infrastructure
  • Accidents which occur during civil maintenance or constructions work i.e. severed underground cabling
  • Major service disruptions (MSD) which can include one or a combination of the above

How long do unplanned outages take to resolve?

We’ll do our best to restore service to affected areas as soon reasonably possible. We may prioritise restorative work to areas which have seen the widest impact.

In certain scenarios, we may need to work in tandem with a third party such an electricity company to restore service. If you’ve found a live planned outage in your area, we suggest logging your fault online. 

What if there’s a delay resolving the fault?

If we’ve identified an MSD or we’ve advised the action taken to resolve your fault has been delayed, you may be eligible for an Optus Internet Assistance Kit

Note: Internet assistance kits are only provided to you if there’s outage on our DSL, NBN or Cable network.

Planned outages

These are scheduled in advance. Unplanned outages include maintenance or upgrades to our network infrastructure. You may have received an SMS or email notification to advise of the scheduled outage.

How long can I expect to be without service?

We’ll always try our hardest to minimise the impact to customers during planned outages. The planned outage notification will include a time-frame for when you can expect works to be completed in your area.

Planned outages are usually intermittent, with minimal downtime. Interruptions to your service usually occur when our technicians are on site completing works.

Who can I contact for further support?

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New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Optus Outages | Planned Vs Unplanned

Hi I live in the 4017 area, no internet. Can u pls advise further info
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Re: Optus Outages | Planned Vs Unplanned

Hi there, @Leelovesdogs

Thank you for your question regarding your internet service. 

Our Network Status Page is showing a known and unplanned NBN outage affecting customers in your area. The notes on this refer to a local electricity company advising of their own planned outage and that is affecting NBN customers. The notes advise that you refer to the local power suppliers website for an estimated timeframe for resolution. 

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