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Hi Optus Community,

I am going round in circles looking for how to block / filter inappropriate content.


I read the Optus article at:

How can I control what can be seen online?


It refers me to:


Which sends me back to Optus, recommending "Optus internet Security Suite" which I can't find anything about.

I don't need help with virus and security stuff st the moment.

Just Family Saftey/content filtering.


As ISP Optus is the way pornography etc... gets to houses - what does Optus do to stop it getting into homes?

Please help, thanks Felix

Re: Optus Internet Security Suite


Kids will be kids I suppose! I don't think you can really blame Optus for what the internet is used for at home though.


Either way, they offer an internet security option which includes content filtering. You get the first month free as a trial and then it's $3 a month per computer. You can find the info here:


Under features and benefits you'll find this:


Browsing Protection
Prevent kids from visiting harmful or inappropriate websites with targeted browsing protection. (Browsing Protection feature not available on MACs)


Remember if you have MAC's, this won't work for you and you might like to look at alternatives outside of Optus.

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Re: Optus Internet Security Suite


Sorry for the late reply Felix31!  Can only agree with SamSam's suggestion - give that go and let us know how you get on! You might also be able to purchase third party programs to manage/restrict certain content.

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Re: Optus Internet Security Suite


Sadly, Optus does not seem to be taking this issue seriously. Telstra offer both Broadband protect and mobile protect which amount to filtering at the ISP level with other multiple parental controls. I am incredibly disappointed with Optus' lack of initiative I this area and as such I plan to switch to Telstra in the near future. This is sad, since I have been an Optus customer for about ten years.


If enough of us leave, perhaps they'll rethink their lack of action.

Re: Optus Internet Security Suite


We'd be really sad to see you go, @MickBen Smiley Sad We can certainly pass on your feedback. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you here in the future. 

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