Optus I'm disappointed in you

Why it's so difficult to talk to a real person who can quickly help to solve the problem locally rather than overseas who need to transfer many times? I create my broadband DSL account a few months ago through a phone call. Firstly, I didn't get my contract. Secondly, your sales promised that old customers can get two months DSL for free, I didn't get it. Thirdly, I called you guys many times and cost me at least 20hrs or more but no one gave me the answer because the oversea stuff said we need get more info from supervisor or other managers. Fourthly, when I walked into Gardencity Optus Store to look for help, staff told me that is not their business and I have to talk online or phone. what the hell? Optus is not professional and aftersale service is the worst I've never seen. I and my family will stop using any of your products once we finished your contract. It is so upset.

Re: Optus I'm disappointed in you


Hi @SissyZhou - I'm sorry to hear that this has been the experience you've had. Please contact us Here with your account details and we can investigate it further. 

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