Optus Fixed Resolutions - resolve nothing

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So over this. Tried getting a relocation done - after Optus and the NBN company mucking us around and getting no resolution we were finally directed to the resolution team. Johnathon *moderated* has supplied an email and phone number to which he does not answer any of them. 5 emails now I believe and 4 messages left. Nothing! Disgusting performance considering they are suppose to be the "fix it" team. I do not want to talk to someone overseas. I want Johnathon to make contact.


His words in his email are the following


"If you require any further clarification on the above - just give me a call or shoot me an email and I'll take it from there.  You'll find my contact details below.


I want you to know that the feedback you gave us in our chat will be taken on board so we can improve the overall experience."


Been there done that and still waiting!!! 



Re: Optus Fixed Resolutions - resolve nothing


Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will contact the Fixed Resolutions team now to ensure they get in contact with you.

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Still waiting for return satchel for Fetch TV box

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Here I go again.

Seems as though last time I posted was the only way to get a response from Johnathon in the "Fix it" team. He is a true example of the poor service we are getting from Optus. Doesn't answer emails. Doesn't return calls. And he is suppose to be Mr "fix it".

This has been going on for weeks and I am so over it. Johnathon either return my calls or answer my damned emails. Still no return satchel for Fetch TV which we have just been billed for! Still no communication from the Mobile department as you promised. Still getting SMS messages and calls about our NBN installation which we do not want! 

Re: Not a question as such but hopefully it will get some attention and I will get an email reply


The Optus service model doesn't really empower (or encourage) follow through. Ownership of issues is not really supported


You should contact LIVECHAT, get a random person and hopefully they are able to arrange a basic thing like delivering a satchel to your address. If not, try again and hopefully the next one will.


FWIW the fee for the Fetch unit should be automatically recredited once the unit eventually gets back to the factory.


Peter Gillespie

How the heck do I get in touch with the "fix it" team

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This is the second time I have had to come to this forum and am hoping that once again it will prompt someone to call me. Jonathon *hidden* emailed me with his direct line. Have on this occasion emailed 5 times. Have left 4 or 5 messages and no reply. What do I have to do to get action. He is just another example of the  poor customer support that is on offer with Optus. No wonder there is so many disgruntled customers. Am I frustrated? Heck yes! He was suppose to have canceled our fetch subscription and suppose to be sending a satchel to send the fetch back - still nothing (second go). Now I have received a message to say my fetch tv is on it's way!!  And we are still being charged for it! They released us from our internet contract due to their poor performance and unprofessional customer service and yet I am getting all these optus messages with dates for NBN installation. Still waiting on the mobile team to contact me regarding the mobile side of our contract which I was told by the esteemed Jonathan that some would so so within 48hours - this was approx 2 January!!  Way to go optus!

Re: Optus Fixed Resolutions - resolve nothing


That's amazing... it exactly.. nearly word for word. . The experience I'm getting... leave messages... no one calls back. .to add to my woes... they cut my poor old single Telstra line off even before they switch me over to NBN...why I have 15 or so services with them. . I'll  never know. .

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