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Optus DSL with ASUS AC68u


Hi all

I’m decent with computers but not with internet settings. Just switched over to Optus ADSL2 after more than a decade at iiNet, so haven’t had to set up anything in a long time.


I’ve got the internet working with the modem provided by Optus, but can’t get it to work with an ASUS AC68U modem/router. It’s set to PPPOE LLC PAP, username and password are correct. Id like to use this modem as its easier to configure Plex and a Synology server.


The ASUS portal tells me I have a connection to the internet, but anything I do takes me to Optus Servicenet. Servicenet says to log on for additional information, but none of my username/password will log me in. Not sure where to go from here.


Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.

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Re: Optus DSL with ASUS AC68u

you shouldn't need to enter the password.


Update to the latest firmware for your ASUS. 

Run the setup Wizard ..that should connect. 


But you will loss your optus phone line. 


Did a quick google search and found this reponse from another forum.. see if it helps. 

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Re: Optus DSL with ASUS AC68u

Upgraded firmware

Selected NBN (Auto IP) from drop down (in the wizard)



Thanks for everyones help on here & whirlpool. Turns out it didnt have to be too technical in the end.