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New Contributor LockSmith
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Optus DNS to Modem not working

Optus support is useless when it comes to resolving anything more that i line test issues.


Internet is not working a day after it was installed. When a device is assigned a DHCP IP you can ping and but resolving any domain is not working and inturn not internet access.

When I assign a static IP and use and as the DNS it works fine. However I have over 10 devices on the network and assigning a static IP on wifi is a pain when moving around to other network.

We did restart the modem, reset the modem. Nothing seems to work. Optus support says we need to call the modem manufacturer as we want to use the DNS service and they do not know much about it.

Please OPTUS fix this issue.....................!!!


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Optus DNS to Modem not working

To my knowledge, you can only set a custom DNS on an individual device level.

The ability to change your DNS via the modem GUI isn't something that's available with modems running on Optus Firmware (that's with any modem that we've released over the past 4-5 years). 

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