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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Optus Cable in a Unit


In the past, I've sent Cable MDU enquiries to our serviceability team only to receive the following response back:


As per Optus policy this property is a non-serviceable MDU because being a part of three or more MDUs.

Being a part of a 5-unit complex it’s non-serviceable and can’t be installed as per the Optus install rules


We'll just need to wait and see. It can still vary from premises-premises.

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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Optus Cable in a Unit

Optus have informed me, that because there is 5 units on the block its against company policy, and so wont look at it.

Unfortunate, as most i am getting out of my ADSL is 800-900kb or 6.6mbps.


Stuck on that till NBN comes in a couple of years.

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