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I am enquiring about installation of Optus Cable internet, as I am moving house and ADSL2 speeds would not suit my link of work (Animator) sending and receiving large files. When I check on the availability checker it says that the only connection available is ADSL. 


As the townhouse is quite new (1 - 2 year old), in a street where all the other houses are available for cable internet (next door and across the road) and the power lines are literally right outside the property and it is front facing so the line would not have to go over any other buildings. Im not sure if the checker is upto date with the townhouse locale.


I was wondering how we would go about getting connected if it ispossible as I have read other situations where the availabilty checker said unavailable but when a technician came out to check it turned out that a cable connection was available.




Re: Optus Cable Installation

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Hi Ryan,


As I understand it there are legal and technical reasons why a cable connection may not be available to a property with multiple dwellings. I have read that it may be possible to get a technician to call out and appraise the situation however there are no guarantees. I believe if you contact sales and explain the situation they should be able to put you onto the right department.


Edit: If this is a relocation it might be worth trying the relocation team on 1300 555 241. Smiley Happy


Re: Optus Cable Installation


I'm in the same situation. We have cable available in the street. I live on a lot that has 3 free standing townhouses on it. My townhouse is street facing along side the other townhouse which has Optus Cable installed. Yet when I call up Optus they refuse to explain why I can't get cable to my townhouse right next door.


All they keep giving me the same generic response "You can sign up to ADSL2+" you don't have cable at your premise.


Who is the best team to speak to at Optus to have them come out and inspect the property for installation?

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