Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


Hey gumsucker, our tech support team will be able to run tests and send out a technician if line fault. Are you getting slow speeds at all hours or only in the evening? Please give us a ring on 131344.

Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


Here is an update, had Optus sales call me yesterday trying to upsell me consequently I got a little upset and asked them to put me through to support directly as the Congestion issue ensues.


Looking at Telstra's community forum is like Deja Vu, same issues same responses from tech support this is a big joke for those Liberals in power.



Promise of equipment on order

Promise of equiment being installed

10mbps slower to the US than Australia


My feelling now is that ISP are restructuring thier offerings, less for more it is still unclear as to when

this will be resolved. According to a contract Optus Cable linesman Cable will be out new NBN so no

fiber to the door. This theory goes with a family memeber that worked for Visionstream that designed

the schematics for the cable and that it was designed to upgrade at the local or subsation end.



It would be nice to see an anonomous post by someone from Visionsream or a engineer telling us what

is going on, if anything.


If there is anyone to blame its this Pommy chief product officer of Netflix Neil Hunt and his team that are supposed to be like US Navy SEAL teams, but for tech.


The big question is for each ISP is what ratio of Netflix account to Open Connect boxes?


Another question I have is that will Goverment Data retension slow down internet and by how much?


I think the the Telecomunications ombudsman need to get TPG to pull its Netfix unlimited bundle advert.


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