Re: Optus Cable Broadband - Collapsed in a heap


@glencooney, we can definitely help with your phone line. When you get a chance could you please give our techs a buzz on 131 344 - 24/7 so they can further assist you? They'll check your line plus get you to do an isolation test and if testing fails, possibly look at sending a technician out. Please keep us posted on how you get on.

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Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


My broadband is supposed to be 100mbps.  My speedtest is only 2.56Mbps.


This has been the speed on my internet for close to a month now. I am fed up with Optus Service representative telling me the area is undergoing a network upgrade.  I have called Optus service 3 times to complain about my pathetic speed.  Same excuse each time from the Optus representative.  "Sir - there is an upgrade in your area. This will be completed soon!"


How soon is soon enough? 


Why should I be charged the extra fee to get the faster speed?


I subscribed to a service.  God knows how many years I have been with Optus.  This cable network has been great for many years.  This time Optus has dropped the ball. Optus has failed to give me my subscribed speed.


Seriously... when is this Network upgrade going to be completed? 



Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


My connection in last 10 days consistant at 12 Mbps after 5pm , and it's now back to 3 Mbps (100 Mbps plan). I have been suffered with speed ~ 3 Mbps since July.

-Upgrade will be done end of August, end of September, end of october and i called last months  end of Jan 2016, what a joke.

Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


Holy cow!  Time to look into Telstra.


Apparently, I am getting a $25 credit to make up for their pathetic internet service. 


I will call again for a credit if November is still super pathetic.


Optus can play the game.  I can play too.



Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


I am optus customer for more than 10 years. I signed up for optus high speed broadband bundle and fetch entertainmant pack.

 - I wasnt able to watch those extra channels during my contract as it said need to be subscribed ( I didnt bother calling)

- Broadband speed played up a lot.

 - Fetch tv box more than 3 years old, last time when i renewed my contract they said they will send new box, but they didnt.

Now my contract period is finished. I wanted to renew, but I did hold on untill they fix my fetch tv problems and internet speed. When I call optus support , they said my broadband not up to standard. They sent a tech and he changed the Isolator (previous tech blamed it on Netflix ). Checked the speed and told I am on Basic speed 30mbps and not 100mbps. I called optus support again and they said I am not on high speed plan but basic. (Bu** S***. I am paying $115 + GST  for high speed bundle which is now expired) 

My fetch died, finally they sent a new box, but it is first gen box with no netflix app. Atlest they could ve sent a 2nd gen box which would ve made me renew my contract.


If I am renewing I am going to ask for 2nd gen box, if they want to charge extra for the box, I am not going to renew.

Its time to leave Optus and look elsewhere.

Telstra speed is good for the same price im paying now $125 inc gst. 

TPG price and service way better. I will get the same service for $59 but ADSL 2+.  But speed wise no difference. optus cable only giving me 30mbps and I can that from ADSL2+ for half the price. + TPG merged with M2 and building their own fibre network.

Or there is iinet

Optus have to lift their game up, if not they will loose their loyal customers. I am fedup with Optus. Going to give last try.



Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


Living in Mulgrave and speed has been very slow lately, increasingly so over the last 3 months..

What is going on ppl? Couldnt even watch a movie of SBS on demand last night. Also some pages downloading like back in the dialup days.. 


This is better than last night but still slow for a cable connection we pay $100/month.

Im contemplating going Telstra if this continues..



Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


I am currently getting a maximum of 18 Mbps download and 400 Kbps upload on a cable internet service in inner citty Brisbane which declines to less than 4 Mbps at peak times. I have contacted Optus repeatedly over the past month to try and resolve the issue but there has been no improvement. I have been repeatedly told I am on the premium speed pack .. but these connection figures do not support this. Technician came to my home on Friday and changed the modem but if anything the situation is now worse than before he came. Very unhappy with the service from Optus.

Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


I suppose if November is still not resolved.  I will be requesting a refund on my premium speed pack.



Everyone affected should do the same and demand a refund!  Optus is misleading their customers in charging a "premium rate" - yet delivers below what I have signed up for.



Do it people! Ask for a refund! Getting ripped off is unethical!  This needs to be escalated and only consumer power can make little people like me get noticed.Smiley Tongue

Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October


Been having the same issues too, 3 weeks or so now.


Optus Cable with speed pack, Avondale Heights, VIC


Mornings can max out at just a tick over 100Mb/s, however afternoon and evening are now between 3-4Mb/s


Been with optus for 3 years, usually get at least 70Mb/s, no matter the time of day.


Seems to have coincideded with the rise of netflix, and the undersea cable being cut.


Calling them today, will report back.

Re: Optus Cable Broadband - 25% Speed since 1st October



My premium speed pack. I'm totally getting ripped off! Pathetic Optusnet speed!
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