Optus Cable Address Not Serviceable


So I ordered cable earlier this week and had the install appointment set for today, the technician came out and was great. Did his best to install it but said as he couldn't walk on the awning out the front of my first floor apartment he couldn't connect to the cable and they would need to come back and do the install some other way.


I've just finished a chat with a rep who told me my address is not serviceable for cable, the technician who actually came out seemed to think otherwise though.


I can literally see the cable from my bedroom window, it's only a metre or two away so I could probably take the fly screen out and reach out and grab it if I wanted. Why would my address not be serviceable, surely this can't be accurate?

Re: Optus Cable Address Not Serviceable


@Optus would appreciate it if someone could please contact me about this.


Re: Optus Cable Address Not Serviceable


Hey @arimansfield - I'm responding to your private message now Smiley Happy

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