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Occasional Contributor Gregor
Occasional Contributor

Optus CISCO 3925 not issuing ip addresses and dropping our

Hi, my Optus supplied Cisco 3925 does not allocate ip addresses to  devices on the home network from time to time. Only fix is to power down the router. Any ideas to resolve?

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Re: Optus CISCO 3925 not issuing ip addresses and dropping our

Optus hasn't used the Cisco modem for a while now. Could be grounds for them to replace with their latest modem? I don't think you'll actually find a fix other then rebooting like you have been doing unfortunately

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New Contributor FastEddie
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Re: Optus CISCO 3925 not issuing ip addresses and dropping our

The DPQ 3925 that came with our package is having several problems. I remember the contract technician as he installed Optus speaking about the modems as he gave up with the first one he tried to install. He used several rude words to describe the routers and said many of them come DOA. Using Contractors and getting lots of routers DOA COULD tell one heaps about finicial and management decisions made at Optus.....HEAPS! but for now, I am going to put that aside.


First problem, anything hardwire connected would loose internet connection. Sometimes it would reconnect all by itself, sometimes a router reboot would work.


Second, on losing the connection when I needed it the most (generating an income) it failed. A call to service with a 30 minute wait confirmed the neighbourhood service was ok and I was told I would have to buy a new router.... WHAT? BUY A REPLACEMENT ROUTER THAT WAS PART OF THE PACKAGE?  Ten minutes after the call, the connection sorted itself out. maybe it was divine intervention.


Third, The router has started limiting its hardwire connections to just one device. My income generating requires three devices connected. Reboots ocassionally fix this.


Strange.... whenever there is a hardwire connection problem, the WIFI keeps going. The problem with using WIFI as a fix is the construction of our house. The WIFI does not like going through brick walls.


Until these problems started we had stellar service.... one neighborhood outage in several years..... not bad.  My neighbor turned me on to Optus and I was happy for a while. He once told me he had trouble with his router and Optus was right out there and replacing it, FREE. From my neighbor's raving about Optus, I thought we were going to get SERVICE. Now, being told I have to purchase a new modem (that was part of the package) after my neighbor did not have to is not leaving me with a warm, fuzzy feeling. I have lost hours of income generating time with this issue.


There is a Telstra cable hooked to this house..... hmmmmmm, I wonder if they have pulled their socks up since I was with them and the old copper lines using TPG ADSL..... Let us see how this plays out....Is Optus really the YES people? Am I going to get SERVICE? Will I be able to rave about Optus SERVICE..... Or am I going to give me neighbor a huge serve when he gets back from his holiday.


I really would like service but that may have gone out with Black and White TV.


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