Optus BroadBand slow and WIFI router lock ups.


I have new Optus broadband cable installed last week but I've noticed the following. Peak times are very slow.. 7 Mbit not the advertised up to 50 mbit from about 7PM to 11PM. The Sagecom wifi router included likes to crash about every 24 hours (a power cycle is required to get wifi and LAN working) 


The WIFI router I could probably live without (I'll replace it with a Netgear Nighthawk) but the slowness during peak hours is horrendous can anything be done about that? (my previous Naked ADSL 2+ was 15 -19.5Mbit during peak hours)


Re: Optus BroadBand slow and WIFI router lock ups.


When it’s crashing, and you restart it, it comes good it eventually crashes again?


if yes, then contact Optus for a replacement.

note: the sagem modem doesn’t cope well with heavy workloads.

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