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Optus App

Hi, we have excessive use on our mobile broadband (in excess of 500gb per month) and I do not consider us to be heavy users. So I am trying to work out where it is all being used but the app breakdown makes no sense. Can someone please tell me what 1. Google Services, 2. Google Generic and 3. Other include? I also have usage for 4. Browsing and 5. Facebook and depending on the answer to the above, I would have thought this would be included in 1,2 or 3. Hoping someone can help so I can get to the bottom of where our data is being gobbled up. TIA

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Re: Optus App

Don't rely on the Optus app for the app usage breakdown, from reports I've seen posted here their categorisation don't seem all that reliable.

You will have to check usage on the devices themselves. With phones/tablets the devices themselves should tell you exactly which apps are using how much data.