Optus ADSL2+ service and IKEv2 VPN




I am using ADSL2+ service at home which sometimes I have my company Windows 10 computer using it. My company adopts IKEv2 VPN connection. However it seems Optus ADSL2+ doesn't allow me to connect such VPN. Is there any workaround on this?





Re: Optus ADSL2+ service and IKEv2 VPN

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Thanks posting Pallydou, I wasn't aware of any problems with connecting to VPN of any type. Just to double check, you're not trying to host a server are you? It may be out of support boundaries, you could try our Live Chat crew for some more specific troubleshooting, otherwise you may need to speak with your company's IT team

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Re: Optus ADSL2+ service and IKEv2 VPN

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I use a VPN and never have a problem logging into the service.

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